ArcSDE feature class vs File geodatabase feature class on Performance

Discussion created by mojapelosj on Feb 7, 2012
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Hello Everyone

Has anyone came  across a situation whereby a maximum of 2000 records - on attributes table can be shown at the time; zoom, pan, select, etc. in the same ArcMap session? Well this happened mostly when using personal geodatabase (usually from local C drive) and ArcSDE (usually from the network) feature classes - (I hardly use shapefiles anymore). Scrawling beyond that current 2000 records is as slow as doing zoom and the likes on such feature class. However, the same feature class under file geodatabase would out play the rest.
The above scenario compelled me to follow documentation and various sources to check if I can get a better route to avoid slower response factor of either  personal geodatabase (usually from local C drive) and ArcSDE (usually from the network) feature class.
Speaking under correction, it seems to me that ESRI ArcSDE technology is heavily if not entirely dependent on third party Relational Database Management System (RDMS) for performance - be it Oracle, Microsoft SQL, etc. While considering the effort and expertise provided by the RDBMS engineers/ vendors, I would like to recommend that ESRI do something more on the aspect of ArcSDE Performance as the scenario outlined. For example, it has been dwelling on my imagination, a situation whereby the whole file geodatabase concept is incorporated in ArcSDE environment - moreover to enhance feature class performance and improve data structure. In that situation, RDBMS would be providing their security capabilities and other DBA tools.

I tried to put this post under ArcGIS Ideas but could not find happens when I am burning from an idea.

I hope someone will find this clear.