Problem with Conditional Rule writing

Discussion created by cappers on Feb 6, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 10, 2012 by MBuehler-esristaff
i am new to City Engine, so this might be a simple problem.
I have an ESRI Shape file for building footprints with average building height and classified roof types (simple classification of 'flat', 'hipped', 'gable'.  I have imported this into CE ok.  I am now in the process of writing a rule file to extrude the footprint up to the average building height and create a rooftype that fits in with the classified roof types in the Shape file. I have set an attribute in the rule file for building height as = 6, as a default and have also used the Attribution connection editor to connect the attribute in my Shape file to the layer i am working on. This effectively over rides the default height of 6 that i put in my rule file.  I have also done this for the roofType attribute.  Now, in my rule file i have this as the script, with height and roofType being the attributes in my Shape file:-

attr height = 6    - Default height
attr roofType = "Hipped"  - Default roofType

Lot --> extrude(height) Mass

Mass (roofType)-->
case roofType = "Hipped" : roofHip(20) Final
case roofType = "Pyramid" : roofPyramid(20) Final
Else : NIL

I would like to generate a Hipped roof or a Pyramid roof dependent on the attribute from my original Shape file.  However, i keep getting a message that says 'Mismatched token (=)'. Does anyone have any suggestions as to where i am going wrong?