iOS SDK and Tiled package

Discussion created by tgeorges on Feb 2, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 19, 2012 by njarecha-esristaff
Hi all,

today i'm experiencing new AGSLocalTiledLayer with tiled packages created by Desktop 10.1 beta2.
If I choose a "classic" tiling scheme (ie Bing Maps,...) no problem to consume it with the iOS SDK.

But, if I use a custom tiling scheme, nothing appear on the map :-(

The problem is probably the spatialReference. When I unzip tile package, esriinfo/itemInfo.xml describe an extent in degrees and spatial ref name is RGF1993...which is in meters.
In the cache description, all is ok I think (v101/Layers/conf.xml)

If I change that to good coordinates it does not have any impact :-(

After that, I try to log some layer properties  and spatialReference has always an empty wkid and wkt when I load my tpk.

Maybe it is a limitation on iOS ? If so can you add it in the documentation ?
Maybe it is a bad practice in my code ?

AGSLocalTiledLayer *localTiledLayer = [[AGSLocalTiledLayer alloc] initWithName:@"myTpk.tpk"];

    //Add it to the map view
UIView<AGSLayerView>* lyr = [self.mapView addMapLayer:localTiledLayer withName:@"TPK"];

Maybe it is a bug in the iOS API ?

Thank you for your reply !