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Select by attribute then exporting selection

Question asked by nbaylot33 on Jan 30, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 21, 2012 by stavantzi
arcpy.TableToTable_conversion("Master_TAHI", "C:\\Users\\D2148\\Documents\\Maps\\Parish Roads\\TAHI_LRS\\Parish_roads\\TAHI_parish\\FIPS", "FIPS001", "\"FIPS PARIS\" = '001'")

I am trying to select by attributes in a .dbf table then export it out to a new .dbf with the selected features only. I am having a problem executing this file. It keeps saying there is a error. The maximum record length has been exceeded. The file only has 87000 records.

Also, once this is figured out. How do I continue to go to the next select by attribute using a while statement. I need it to go to the FIPS PARIS = 127 and each FIPS is odd starting with 001 (eg. 001,003,005...)

If the table to table way doesn't work, any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks.