Working in Edit session, trying to go from Edit Sketch to Feature...

Discussion created by hylndr on Jan 24, 2012
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Howdy All,
This one should be easy, but for the life of me I can't make heads or tails /sense out of it... I am trying to write the code for a button/command that the user will click after they've finshed a "Edit Sketch"... I want to take the sketch (which is a polygon in this case) and get to the feature that it created... I need to modify a couple of attributes, then run a "select by location" on it to get the underlining lines (from a different layer) that intersect it. then clear the selection on the "Polygon" layer and run a topology operation of "Split polygons" with the lines selected... Seems pretty simple when i go through the motions manually... but I can't seem to get ther from here with the code version... :-) I've been through the numerous webpages on the resource page under "Developing with ArcGIS - Learning ArcObjects - Editing Data" and under "Developing with ArcGIS - Learning ArcObjects - Extending ArcObjects - Editor Framework Customizations"... But It's not clear to me what I need to next... Basically there's a new feature in the polygon layer, that is also the current edit sketch, that I would like to manipulate as a feature via code... Can I get to the feature from the edit sketch, or do I have to do something else to get to the newly created feature??? then how difficult is it to do the "Select By Location" operation???
Any ideas will be greatly appreciated!!!

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