Java: Add In Button Disappears when I change code in Add-In

Discussion created by DrColgate on Jan 19, 2012
Kind of discussion and question at the same time  I am hoping for an answer but not expecting one.

I am using the NetCDF library and am having a problem with my Add-In button disappearing when I try to call the function: NetcdfFile.open("filename.nc")

I have it sitting in a seperate class to my 'OnClick' tool as it is to be called and executed and return a value which will then be acted upon.  Having said that it doesn't seem to matter where I put it.  When I link to this class and the function is called the button disappears from my toolbar.  

If I comment out this single line and recompile the button reappears even if I still reference everything else in the class.

Just to note.  This Class and its functions work perfectly fine if I run it as a Java Application, that is if I do not try to use it in ArcGIS.  I am sure it would work within ArcGIS also it's just that I can't fire it if there is no button to start the execution.

Has anyone else had the same problem of tools disappearing in ArcGIS, possibly with other libraries?  If so did you find a solution?