Hyperlink - ArcGIS Desktop path from multiple data layers

Discussion created by mstarr on Jan 16, 2012
I need to create a hyperlink from two feature classes.  I do not have control of the data and cannot easily add the TOWNS.STATE to my data with the SEGMENTNO.

I was wondering how I access another feature class using vbscript from a hyperlink script.

Below is what I have so far which works aside from triying to add the state infor from another layer.  I have tried this from an Add-In as well but the tool is not a clean as is the hyperlink tool.  by esri..  if I could just add the other layer data I would be golden.

Thanks in advance

Function OpenLink ( [SEGMENTNO]  )
  Dim path
  Dim objShell
  path ="" &"/"&Left( [SEGMENTNO] ,InStr( [SPIPENO_SEGMENTNO] , "_" )-1) &"/TYPE="& [TOWNS].[STATE] &"_SERVICE_RECORDS"'
  Set objShell = CreateObject("Shell.Application")
  objShell.ShellExecute path, "", "", "open", 1
End Function

Matt Starr