Extract By Mask for many data - using script of other method

Discussion created by sypou on Jan 11, 2012
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Dear All,

I have a raster data containing the temperature, a very large area, and I have a shapefile containing my study area. Then I use the Extract by Mask in the Spatial Analyst Toolbox to crop my data. It is good but the thing is that I have monthly data for many years so I have to do it one by one. Is there another way or using script to do that for my data?

I tried the Map Algebra -> Multi Output Map Algebra but couldn't get it.

ExtractByMask tmean1 SHP_adm0 F:\DATA\test1
ExtractByMask tmean2 SHP_adm0 F:\DATA\test2
ExtractByMask tmean3 SHP_adm0 F:\DATA\test3