dataframe.scale problem

Discussion created by tttttttt on Jan 11, 2012
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I have a problem concerning dataframes and the scale issue (unfortunately, im just a beginner)

several mxd's consist of several dataframes. The DataFrameOptions in the tab "DataFrame" - "Extent" are set to "Fixed Scale" (done manually).

As i want to change the scale of the dataframes (besides other arcpy.mapping things), the invocation dataframe.scale = xxxx causes the error "DataFrameObject: Error in setting scale value".
But if the DataFrameOptions in the tab "DataFrame" - "Extent" are set to "automatic", the statement dataframe.scale = xxxx works fine.

Is there a possibility to set/change this "fixed scale option" via python, or any other approach to change the "Fixed Scale"?
my forum research didnt bring me any progress so far....

Thanks in advance,