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Discussion created by gernice1 on Dec 30, 2011
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Hi can some please assist me in reprojecting shapefiles. I want to reproject it in Geographic Coordinate System WGS 1984 and then into the Projected Coordinate System ???World_Cylindrical_Equal_Area..My script does not work..keeps telling me that there is an invalid syntax..When it reaches the resFC i get that invalid syntax at the line

This is what i have

if sr.Name == "Unknown":
# skip
# Determine the new output feature class path and name
    outFeatureClass = os.path.join(outWorkspace, infc.strip(".shp")
# Set output coordinate system
resFc = outFeatureClass + "," + ("<install directory>/Coordinate Systems/Projected Coordinate Systems/WGS 1984.prj/Cylindrical Equal Area (world).prj")
                arcpy.Project_management(infc, outFeatureClass, outCS)
                arcpy.AddMessage("The shapefiiles have been reprojected")
                print "Get Area Info...."