API Reference

Discussion created by empeypp on Dec 20, 2011
This API reference is not helpful to anyone with little experience in Android development. Sure, it allows you to create the standard 'hello world' app, but doesn't explain how to do anything other than look at samples and try to navigate through the sea of unfamiliar code.

I just want to make a simple map with layers that has a menu option (brought up on the map when the user clicks the 'menu' button on their phone) allowing the users to bring up a legend, find current location, or enter an address. These seem to be very standard in android maps and the Google API explains step by step how to do this. I can perform each of these tasks separately but not all on the same app. I want to use ArcGIS for my app so I can use  our ArcGIS Server, but this API reference is not helpful enough.

I hope someone can help, otherwise my company is going to use the Google API for android.