Help creating map templates..!

Discussion created by chas.h on Dec 15, 2011
Latest reply on Feb 3, 2012 by clockwise
Sorry if this has been asked before, struggling to find the answers anywhere online or in the manual!

I'm fairly new to ArcGIS but have been asked to create a company template for ArcMap. What I want is to create a text box with details such as company name/logo and space to fill in a project code/title. The idea is for this to sit in the bottom corner of every new map created.

I've worked out how to create a logo box and have saved it as a template, however, if I go into data view to produce a map then switch back to layout view it's as though the template and the map become attached - i.e. if I move my map around/zoom in etc then the logo box I've created is also moved around/zoomed in.

Can anyone tell me how to create a template that can be added to any new map and will stay fixed in the bottom corner of the page regardless of what I do to edit the map?

Thanks for your help, apologies if I've not explained my problem very clearly!