Replace Shape with Static Model

Discussion created by mikelau309 on Dec 8, 2011
Latest reply on Dec 13, 2011 by d_l_smith
Eventually I'd like to be able to render trees in CE based on a point shapefile that contains attributes such as tree species and trunk diameter. 

As a learning exercise I've imported a shapefile into CE that contains points that represent trees.  I have a 3D model of a tree that I exported from Sketchup as a Collada file.  I used this rule to simply replace a point (CE shape) with the tree model:

tree --> i( "models/simpletree.dae" )

However the scale of the tree changes when I import into CE and so I'm wondering if it is possible to retain the original scale of the 3D model when replacing a shape? 

Esri CityEngine 2011.1 build 1021 (release, win32-64bit)