How to get a ADO.Net Datatable from a Feature Layer?

Discussion created by hylndr on Dec 8, 2011
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Howdy All,
    The title kinda says it all or more correctly asks it all...  I've have been pulling my hair out trying to get either a feature layers table or a particular selected feature attributes into a datatable so that I can display it in a datagridview...  The couple of examples that I've found are either incomplete and won't compile, or are for Arc Engine...  My environment is:

Current Environment:
ArcMap 10.0 Service Pack 3, ArcInfo license level
ArcObjects SDK, Service Pack 1
Visual Studio 2010 Professional, Service Pack 1

Working on an ArcMap Add-In. 
In the project I have a form in which the users will "cycle" through the selected features of a layer and edit a few attributes as needed.  I would like to present the sttributes via a datagridview.  which is more preferrable over individual attributes in a textbox.

Any clues???

Thanks in advance,
Kevin Orcutt