Reclassify Raster from Floating Point to Integer

Discussion created by stalled_mower on Dec 2, 2011
I am following a methodology that requires me to use 'spatial analyst > reclassify'. I have to enter the same values as in the 'old values' but as integer values in the new values column to reclassify it with integer values.
26 - 38.592853  becomes 26 - 38
38.592853 - 51.185706 becomes 38 - 51

I can use the reclassify in python but I need to get the reclassifyRanges from the original raster as a starting point and then use int() etc. How do I do this?
gp.Reclassify_sa(InputRaster, "Value", reclassifyRanges, OutputRaster, "DATA")