Uniting and growing non-contiguous cells in a raster

Discussion created by chrislloyd2 on Apr 20, 2010
Latest reply on Apr 30, 2010 by stefanh
Hello all,

I am using 9.3.1, and have a layer file that contains some 'speckly' raster data, surrounded by nodata. This layer overlays parts of valley floors (displayed as a seperate DEM raster layer). I would like to 'grow' the speckly data until it fills the area of the DEM that has the same (or very similar) relief - i.e. filling spaces between nearby cells to form one contiguous regular shaped unit, the ultimate extent of which is then defined by some measure of the surface topography in the DEM, such as slope or curvature. I was thinking that perhaps some sort of cost function might be involved but I am not familiar with this in arcgis and would appreciate any suggestions or ideas.