Moving objects

Discussion created by toni_mc on Dec 1, 2011
Latest reply on Dec 7, 2011 by toni_mc
I have problem with moving hundreds of objects on map using GeoEvents example. When using this example with default elements which has CharacterMarkerSymbol(looks like pistol) this example works fine even with 500 elements.
But when i change this element to group element which consist of symbol loaded from symbol control (maybe first symbol from Esri.ServerStyle) and other Text marker element, grouped together, displaying 500 grouped elements start to slow down. I changed only default element in DisplayAgentLocation() where add element group.AddElement(element1) and group.AddElement(element2), and edited geometry moved elements in timer1_Tick().
It seems this 2 gruoped element are to complex for displaying in number more then 100 in GeoEvents.
Any advice how to speed things up ?