code working in PythonWin but not ScriptTool!

Discussion created by dodgyshamrock on Nov 29, 2011
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Not quite sure how to phrase this question succinctly...  I have a really long code that is working just fine until it gets to a certain point where I am trying to format some list output.  The elements of the list will then be used to populate a table in an Access database.  I've split the list part of the code out and run it in PythonWin and it works.  However, when I run the entire code through the toolbox as a script tool I get this error:

'unicode' object is not callable

on this line:

finalList = [elt[0] + " (" + elt[1] + ")" if type(elt) == list and elt[0] == "ETSc" else str(elt) for elt in outlist]

Is the problem running it through a script tool?  And how would I fix it?  I can't post the entire code as it is over 300 lines but am posting the relevant part below:

#Get ETSc tables
obstable = "L:\\Projects\\IFWapplications\\ETSc\\ETSc.mdb\\tblObservation"
LUtable = "L:\\IFW-Data\\ETSc.gdb\\tblSpatialLU"
SpTab = "L:\\Projects\\IFWapplications\\ETSc\\ETSc.mdb\\tblSpecies"

#Create empty lists
ObsIDList = []
SpeciesList = []
ImpactList = []
outlist = []
finalList = []

#Use Cursor to determine if there is an ETSc record
    HabCur = arcpy.SearchCursor(ProjectSF)
    for row in HabCur:
        VerId = row.getValue("ERVerID")
        habval = row.getValue("HABTYPE")
        if row.HABTYPE == "ETSc":
            EtscList = []
            outetsclist = []
            FID = row.getValue("FEATID")
            fld = "ShapeID"
            whereclause = fld + "=" + "'" + FID + "'"
            LUCur = arcpy.SearchCursor(LUtable, whereclause)
            for row in LUCur:
                obsnum = row.getValue("ObsID")
            del LUCur, row
            for obs in ObsIDList:
                scr = arcpy.SearchCursor(obstable)
                for row in scr:
                    if row.getValue("ObsID") == obs:
                        sp = row.getValue("Species")
                del scr, row
            for species in SpeciesList:
                spcur = arcpy.SearchCursor(SpTab)
                for row in spcur:
                    if row.getValue("SciName") == sp:
                        CommonName = row.getValue("CommonName")
                del spcur, row
                for element in EtscList:
                    if element not in outetsclist:

    #get a list with unique values
    for I in ImpactList:
        if I not in outlist:


    #format elements in list
    finalList = [elt[0] + " (" + elt[1] + ")" if type(elt) == list and elt[0] == "ETSc" else str(elt) for elt in outlist]