Import XY coordinate data from Rest API Query

Discussion created by dobbinjp on Nov 22, 2011
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Hello, I have a table of point events with X and Y values that I retrieved using the Rest API query of an ArcGIS Server map service. I am trying to add these to ArcMap using the display XY data method, but I can't get the coordinate information right. The output of the map service WKID is 102100, but when I select WGS1984 web mercator auxiliary sphere, it looks for decimal degrees and the features don't display right. I can't seem to figure out exactly what kind of coordinate system these X and Y values are in and my searches haven't turned up much in the forums.

Can anyone give me guidance on the coordinate system returned for point events from the Rest API, and how to import this into ArcMap?

As a reference, Toledo, Ohio has an X,Y coordinate pair of (-9296994,5099544)