Geoprocessing cursor object

Discussion created by rctapia on Nov 22, 2011
Help with this script: write a script that reads a Feature_Class alpenv_huuetten points and move the points with a way to indicate, in the direction of X and Y. Displaced points should be kept in a new data set. It is sufficient if it saved only the geometries of the points they have no additional boxes that attributes appear in the new data set. The entry of the offset distance in the direction X and Y must be solved dynamically.

import arcgisscripting
gp = arcgisscripting.create()

gp.overwriteOutput = 1
gp.Workspace = "C:\\Users\\mapa\\Desktop\\maestria\\PYTHON\\Salzburg.mdb\\"

gp.CreateFeatureclass_management(gp.workspace, "nuevos_puntos","POINT")
cur = gp.InsertCursor("nuevos_puntos")
pnt = gp.CreateObject("Point")
cur2 = gp.SearchCursor("C:\\Users\\mapa\\Desktop\\maestria\\PYTHON\\Salzburg.mdb\\alpenv_huetten")
pnt.X = raw_input("Distancia en X")

for row in cur2:

    pnt.X = row.getValue("Shape")
    pnt.Y = row.getValue("Shape")
    pnt = feat.getPart()
    feat.shape = pnt
    while pnt:
        pnt = raw_input("Distancia en Y")
        print pnt.X, pnt.Y
        feat.shape = pnt      
feat = cur.newRow()
feat.shape = pnt
print "Calculo finalizado"
del cur
del cur2
del row