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Discussion created by davewrmc on Nov 21, 2011
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I ran into a couple of hiccups setting up the Beta SDK -- maybe this will help some people.

I set up with the latest version of Eclipse Classic, and the android SDK 15. My target will shortly be the ASUS TF101 Transformer and the Samsung Galaxy IIS Android Smartphone -- assuming this all works.

My Machine is Windows 7, 64 Bit AMD four core Processor, 8GB memory.

I kept running out of memory while trying to compile apps...  (GC Overhead)

So I found a website which recommended two changes and two additions -- to the eclipse.ini (remember ini files?) It's directly inside the eclipse directory -- easy to find.


The last two lines are the additions...




It was also complaining that I had to fix the project properties. It said I needed to invoke the Android Tools.

I finally found it at the Project/app root node -- right click and the "Android Tools" item appears -- at the bottom of the list. This would be the "Hello World" node at the left -- the first entry if you have only one app loaded -- that you right click.

Then you can choose the "Fix Project Properties"

As I recall it was complaining that I needed a later revision of something-or-other.

For your first trial don't load up your emulator with a lot of features -- just follow the directions in the Hello World Sample Help.

The emulators can be real slooowww to load even on a fast machine.

Other than that running fine.