geoprocessor - create random points error

Discussion created by nirojha on Nov 18, 2011
I am using SDK for standalone Engine application. The code for generating 'random points' with CreateRandomPoints() and geoprocessor works fine in 9.3 with Engine license with SpatialAnalyst, but in 10 (with either SP2 or SP3, Win7), it is crashing.

I ran the program outside the VS IDE, and the used the JIT debugger, the intermediate windows gives this output:

Unhandled exception at 0x77af37b7 in GISiMOdON.exe: 0xC0000374: A heap has been corrupted.
   [INDENT] (continued...)[/INDENT]

GpDataManagementFunctions.DLL Initializing!

Could not load library: IMSLayerUI.dll

Could not load library: FeatureLayerUI.dll[/INDENT]

The DLLs IMSLayerUI.dll and FeatureLayerUI.dll are not available with Engine license.
In my development machine (I have both Desktop and Engine installed), initialising with either Engine or Info license is always crashing, but in another machine (only Desktop) with Info license, (I don't have engine installed in that machine) works fine.