ImageServer Services for OS ArcGIS Mobile Application

Discussion created by EncinitasGIS on Nov 12, 2011
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I'm not a 100% if this is the correct forum site for this question so I apologize if it is not. 

I have been creating mobile content (mobile web services) on my server for my end users and these services are being consumed by the OS ArcGIS Mobile.  Most of the time I create the project/map with arcgis.com and then grab the json and publish a services and everything always works great.

Recently I wanted to use a different base map.  I wanted to use the base map imagery from the Department fish and game:

I add the Dept. Fish and Game imagery to my arcgis.com map and click the check box "use a base map."  The imagery/base map show up in my arcgis.com map.  I grab all the json and create the mobile service.  I can see all my dynamic layers in the OS ArcGIS mobile app but the Dept. Fish and Game base map doesn't appear.  I can select a different base map (on that ESRI provides through the app) so all the other layers display and work fine and the other ESRI base maps work fine. 

The Dept. Fish and Game imagery base map shows up fine in the arcgis.com map but never displays in my OS ArcGIS application.

Can the OS ArcGIS application handle ImageServer Services?

Here's my json for that base map -

 "baseMap": {
    "baseMapLayers": [{
      "id": "NAIP_2010_4Band_9302",
      "opacity": 1,
      "visibility": true,
      "url": "http://imaps.dfg.ca.gov/ArcGIS/rest/services/Base_Remote_Sensing/NAIP_2010_4Band/ImageServer",
      "bandIds": [
    "title": "NAIP_2010_4Band"

Any suggestion, comments, or ideas would be greatly appreciated.