python and arcgisscripting/arcpy

Discussion created by carmagerber on Nov 10, 2011
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I am a very very very new user of python and have a question that might not make sense.
If I am writing a script for a new tool, I need to know the 'words/codes' in arcgisscripting (note I am using 9.3) that I can use to tell the script to do certian things. For instance if I want a script to go into a particular attribute table and then create a list in a text file of all the attributes for a particular feature class, I need to know what to type in the script. These words come from the arcgisscripting module however I need a manual or some list of code that is in this module in order to be able to use it. I have searched up and down for this and thought it would be something that is avaialbe to anyone who needs to use arcgisscripting to write script tools. Am I wrong? what happens with other modules?? Are there lists of code/words for all modules that you can use to know what to do with the module?
The way I am interpreting all of this new coding stuff is that each module is like a language in itself with words/codes that mean something to python but how am I meant to tell python what words/code I want to use if I don't know the words/codes that are available and what they mean??

I hope this makes sense to some one!


Carma Gerber