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Discussion created by mgillespie-esristaff Employee on Nov 10, 2011
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I am using the "&time=1199145600000, 1230768000000" to query SDE and return assets within a date range. I was able to set up my request to include this param and I am returned results. Can someone please tell me what date(data) field the SDE Identify(Operation) looks at? Is it an attribute field or a system field? I am returned the same results regardless of what date I put in my query.

SQL Server 2008

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Product Name: ArcGIS Desktop 10
Release Version: 10.0
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ArcGIS Service Pack: 2 (build

I am using the REST service for Identify(Operation) called from a .NET application. But even if I paste the request into a web browser or use your interface to enter the time param I have no idea what the time param is looking at.

Thanks for any help!