feature to raster output data type problems

Discussion created by mdnoone on Apr 18, 2010
I have 35,000 polygons ranging from .5 acres - much larger (wetlands).  I need to covert these to a raster which I did but the output of the data was 16 bit for some reason (the raster has only 15 values).  So I tried to dissolve the polygon layer on the field that I was using to convert the feature to raster thinking the number of uid entries might be effecting the output, feature to raster, data type.  Is that possible?

For some when I try to convert feature to raster on this new dissolved polygon layer - it doesnt like it.  It has taken 5+ hours chugging away and it still has not finished.  Where as previosly converting the feature to raster with the undissolved polygon layer, 30 minutes or so and the feature to raster was done - but 16bit data.  

Anyone know whats going on here? 

I need these polygons to become a 8bit raster with 15 unique values.