Cluster analysis using spatial and temporal data

Discussion created by gmh16 on Nov 6, 2011
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Hi all,

I am hoping to conduct a cluster analysis and my data contains:

10 sites (isolated offshore rocks).
Three summers' worth of "counts" at each site (these are dates, varying numbers of surveys per month, usually from about May to September). 
and 5 "groups" which are loosely defined age classes of sea lions.

I would like to go further than what a normal hierarchical cluster analysis would do by adding a temporal variable, as well as the age class variable.  I have seen other sea lion studies specifically use the HCA with just abundance data (monthly), and several sites, but I understand that my data is a bit more complicated.  The results I am looking for, are groupings of sites by age class - ie: a certain age class is more likely to use certain sites over others, and whether that changes over time.

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!  Thank you!

Allison F.