Problems with IXMLPropertySet SetPropertyX

Discussion created by AndrewE on Nov 4, 2011
Latest reply on Nov 10, 2011 by AndrewE

I need to update some ArcGIS 10 metadata in files that have had their metadata upgraded from ArcGIS 9 FGDC metadata. Most things seem to work fine, but if I try the code bellow it will only work if the tags exist already:
pXMLProps.SetPropertyX( _
     "dataIdInfo/resConst/LegConsts/othConsts[../accessConsts/RestrictCd/@value='008']", _
     strAccess, esriXPTText, esriXSPAAddOrReplace, False)

There are a few other tags that use similar Xpaths and they are broken too, but all the tags with a straight forward tag work fine even when they aren't already present.

Any advice on how to resolve or work around this issue?