Load maps locally?

Discussion created by blhenderson on Oct 24, 2011
Latest reply on Oct 25, 2011 by dking-esristaff
Using the ArcGIS app, is there anyway to locally save maps on my device? For example, I'd like to upload a .mxd, geopdf, .pmf, or any map file type from my computer to my iphone/ipad so it can viewed even when I do not have cell phone service or 3G. Anyone have any ideas?

Some apps, such as PDF Maps and iGIS HD, have this ability but they do not have the same functionailty as the ArcGIS app. I don't want to re-create a map on my device. I'd rather develop a map project on my computer and upload the map, along with styles & symbology, to my device. Anyone know if ArcGIS can do this? Any suggestions on other apps that may work?

Byron Henderson
GIS Analyst