Intersect feature class one row at a time?

Discussion created by bjameson on Oct 20, 2011
I am trying to write a script that will take a line feature class (RouteM) and intersect it with a polygon feature class (Parcels), but I only want to do one row from the line feature class at a time.

I am new to writing scripts and need really haven't been able to even get a script to run.  Here's what I have so far.

#Import modules
import arcgisscripting, sys, os

#Create the geoprocessor object

#Set input workspace
gp.workspace = "J:\\Work\\North System"

gp.OverWriteOutput = False

#Set output workspace
outWorkspace = "J:\\Work\\North System\\Output"

#Create search cursor
rows = gp.SearchCursor("'J:\\Work\\North System\\NS_RouteM.shp' #", "","","","")
row = rows.Next()
print row

while row:
 gp.Intersect_analysis("'J:\\Work\\North System\\NS_RouteM.shp' #; 'J:\\Work\\North System\\NS_Parcels_Edited.shp'#", 'J:\\WOrk\\North System\\Output\\NS_RouteM_Intersect_Test.shp', "ALL", "", "LINE")
 row =

I know this is missing something...any help would be appreciated!