ArcGIS Server Components for REST SOE

Discussion created by krobine on Oct 17, 2011
Latest reply on Oct 18, 2011 by krobine
I've developed a REST SOE and I'm unable to get it installed on my Production machine.  They havent installed the Web Applications components on this machine. They say its ONLY for Web ADF and is unnecessary now.

But if you look at the ArcGIS Server REST API documentation, for EncodedString/Identity description, it states:

The user credentials to connect to the server are specified in EncodedString element inside of the Identity element. This value is set during the Web Applications Post Install using the credentials specified in the GIS Server Web Services Account.

So from reading this, sounds like there are components installed outside of web ADF stuff when doing Web Applications Post Install???

So what ArcGIS Server installation components need to be there for developing an SOE?
Is this documented somewhere?