Using Model Builder to determine distance between points

Discussion created by thomazz on Oct 14, 2011
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I have used ArcGIS extension 'Network Analyst' to determine the distance between points over an existing road network.

I have a point layer that consists of 1960 different 'departure' locations and another point   layer of a single 'arrival' location. The aim is to determine the distance of EACH of the 1960 departure points to the single arrival point, and this over an existing road network of which a layer is used in ArcGIS.

I managed to find out how to calculate the distance between 1 single departure point of the 1960 points to the arrival point by means of using the Network analysis tool ' New route'.

However, as you will understand it is practically impossible to make this calculation by hand for each of the 1960 'departure' locations.

So, I got the advice to solve this problem by means of the 'Model Builder' tool in ArcGIS. As I have absolutely no experience with this tool, can someone give me some advice of how I can best deal with my specific problem?

I hope my explanation is clear to all of you...

Many thanks in advance!