Generating a centroid for a polygon

Discussion created by yousafhassan on Oct 13, 2011
Latest reply on Oct 19, 2011 by yousafhassan
I am trying to help my colleague who wants to select a polygon and then click a button, which would generate a centroid for that polygon. Ideally, he wants a pop-up to appear which would display a copy&pasteable X and Y. He wants this automation as he wants X and Y to be generated for polygons using the same algorithm.

I was thinking of building a custom tool for him using a model. Could anyone please point me to the tools I need in order to achieve this? If you have already written a tool, would you like share it with me? I am quite comfortable in python and VBA but am not so familiar with Arc tools. I would actually prefer to do this in python as the support for VBA won't be there in future.

Any help would be extremely appreciated.