combining different date and time fields

Discussion created by dodgyshamrock on Oct 12, 2011
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I have a rather unique problem.  Not sure if Python is the right way to solve it, but here goes:

I have some satellite (radiotelemetry) location data that I am trying to analyze for movement patterns, etc.  I want to animate certain time periods.  However because of the way the data are downloaded, I have a date field for the date but for the time, I had to make a text field and convert the time into the following format:

hh:mm am/pm

I think I need a singe field to make the animation work the way I want (showing consecutive locations on a map).  I'm not overly familiar with the datetime functions in Python.  Is there a way to combine these two fields into a single datetime field?  Would it be somehow easier to do this with the field calculator? 

Thanks for any suggestions. 

Amy Meehan
Wildlife Biologist
Maine Dept. Inland Fisheries and Wildlife