Raster Calculator: Con tool expression error

Discussion created by vjvanexel on Oct 6, 2011
Latest reply on Oct 10, 2011 by lpinner

I am a ArcGIS 10 user and I am trying to calculate between a series of points the equidistant lines on a cost surface.
For Point1 and Point2 I have calculated the cost surfaces 1_Cost and 2_Cost. Now I want to create a new raster that gives the value "1" to raster cells that are "closer" to Point1 and "2" to those closer to Point2.
I tried to do this with the Raster Calculater (Spatial Analyst) tool, but I keep getting syntax errors. If I understand correctly the syntax that I should use in the Raster Calculator looks like this:

Con (in_conditional_raster, in_true_raster_or_constant, {in_false_raster_or_constant}, {where_clause})

But I get an expression error when I enter:
Con ("Cost1", "1", {"2"}, {"Cost1" < "Cost2"})

What would the correct syntax look like?
Thanks in advance for your efforts!