GPS feature does not appear to be working

Discussion created by terryhannon13 on Oct 4, 2011
Latest reply on Oct 14, 2011 by njarecha-esristaff
While working on a new universal ArcGIS view based project using the latest API I tried to turn on the GPS feature using:

[self.mapView.gps start];

Unfortunately it appears to do nothing on either device (both have the latest iOS update) or the simulator. Manually checking the gps point claims it is at 0,0 and the enabled property is false. Location services are turned on for the devices but there is no entry appearing for the project to toggle Location Services individually.

Just to test I manually created and started up a LocationManager which behaved as expected by finding the current point and creating an entry for the app in the Location Services menu, but it seemed to have no effect on the GPS feature.

Not sure if I'm missing something from the documentation or if there is a delegate I need to work with. I would really love to use the GPS feature as opposed to manually using CoreLocation again, any assistance is greatly appreciated.