updating table in layout and exporting to pdf

Discussion created by rml on Sep 30, 2011
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We have automated the production of maps using python scripts that change the data sources path, using replaceWorkspaces method, and exports the map to a pdf, using ExportToPDF method with default parameters. The export uses the layout view that includes a map frame, title, legend and a table added using Add table to layout from the table view interface. Table columns are customised (column names, visible and formats) before adding it to the layout. All data is stored in a file geodatabase.

Problem 1 - after re-pointing the table data source to the new workspace, the table in the layout is not updated. The only way to get the table updated in the layout is getting the table in edit mode and stop editing after. The table view also loses the customization previously done.

Problem 2 - when the ExportToPDF function is used in a python script, the  table in the layout is not exported. We've looked at same entries in the ESRI forums and played with page size but no difference. When using a ExportToJPEG function the result is the same. If the map is exported to a PDF or Jpeg manually  the table displays correctly in the output file

We are using ArcGIS 10 (Info) with SP2   and tried both on Windows XP and Windows 7 machines.

Anyone with similar problems? many thanks