moving window to sum line lengths

Discussion created by jasontack on Sep 27, 2011
Hi All,

Curious if there's an approach to generate a raster via a moving window that sums the length of polylines within a circular neighborhood?  In -line statistics-, it appears that it calculates line length under statistic mean (see below), yet does not have a statistic that simply reports line length?  I thought about converting lines to raster with a fixed value, and using neighborhood stats to sum the pixels but I'd lose a lot of information with this approach (i.e. varying lengths of line in any given pixel with the presence of a line).   Any help is greatly appreciated!


MEAN ??? Calculates the average field value in each neighborhood, weighted by the length.The form of the calculation is:
Mean = (sum of (length * field_value)) / (sum_of_length)
Only the part of the length that falls within the neighborhood is used.