reclassify a field with field calculator using python problem

Discussion created by tomas98 on Sep 21, 2011
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I am trying to reclassify a column using the field calculator and python. i am basically using the script i found on the arcgis10 help page. when i am running the field calculator, everything goes fine and i get no error messages (see the script below).

the original column contains values between 0 and 1 and the type is double.

Now my problem is that the reclassification won't work. this means that every field in the new column is populated with "very low" instead of the matching classification. so the result is that i have a column where every field contains "very low"

i am still new to python and i hope anybody can help me with this
thanks a lot

def reclass(ICISS):
  if (ICISS >= 0 and ICISS <= 0,4):
    return "very low"
  elif (ICISS > 0,4 and ICISS <= 0,6):
    return "medium low"
  elif (ICISS > 0,6 and ICISS <= 0,8):
    return "medium high"
    return "very high"