Map fails to display sometimes.

Discussion created by dipinbehl on Sep 19, 2011
Latest reply on Sep 26, 2011 by JNery-esristaff
I am using ArcGIS map in my WPF application on two forms.
On the first form, i get the coordinates from the database and show them on the map. It works just as expected, the first time. But when I close and reopen the form, the map disappears. The subsequently closing and reopening of forms results in the map being displayed and not displayed randomly, but with the code behind working perfectly.
Also when I then open the second form from a button on the first screen, the map loads to show this address. But again, on another development machine, the second forms behaves the same as first form with randomly displaying and not displaying the map. In fact, this behavior varies on all development machines, with all most all of them having the same configuration.
Also, in my WCF web service layer, from where I retrieve the addresses from database, interact with the ArcGIS service to get addresses and coordinates etc, i am using a caching technique using CahceManager class implemented using postsharp.
Has this caching got to do something with this behavior because commenting the Cache attribute sets the behavior correct on some of the development machines.
Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.