Calculate Field Parsing Error 000989

Discussion created by nlepsky on Sep 14, 2011
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I am getting the error 000989 Python syntax error: Parsing error: invalid syntax (line 1). I can't resolve it though it seems to me that I am doing everything according to instructions.
I have a field MEAS_DIST_OUTLRS_UPD with measurements. I need to update the field using the following conditions:
if MEAS_DIST_OUTLRS_UPD is less or equal 6.0 then the value doesn't change
if MEAS_DIST_OUTLRS_UPD is larger then 6.0 then the value should be 1.0.
I am using 'Calculate Field'. The code block is:
Def Updmeas( !MEAS_DIST_OUTLRS_UPD! ):
     If ( !MEAS_DIST_OUTLRS_UPD! ) > 6 :
     Else :
     Return 1
The Expression is

What is it that I am doing wrong? Please help!