Creating a tool from a pyton script

Discussion created by edapoole on Sep 13, 2011
Latest reply on Sep 14, 2011 by edapoole
Hey everyone, I have a question that seems to stumping me currently (I can't find anything in the help).  I have created a custom pyton script that will generate sample plots on a polygon and also buffer the resultant points inside the boundary of the polygon (thus creating a grid and plot radius that can be added to a GPS).  I would like to create a button on the tool bar that will automatically launch the python script (tool) for our foresters, let them add in the layer and run the script. 

I originally made this tool in model builder, but exported it to python (I am not a python expert).  Can anyone walk me though the process on how to create a .dll file from the python script so I can add it on the tool bar?  If there is a help article out there simply point me in the right direction and I can go from there...  Thanks!