Programmatically convert polygon feature (*.shp) to 3D object using ArcGIS 3D Analyst

Discussion created by alekhyadatta.inca on Sep 6, 2011
Dear ALL,

I have a sample AutoCAD file (*.dwg) which is need to be converted into ESRI Shape-file (*.shp) format (suppose, Polygon) then I need to do the following by using ESRI ArcGIS 3D Analyst Extension:

a) Convert the polygon to polygonZ: The polygonZ format enables each vertex of a polygon to have a Z-value in addition to the X and Y values of a simple polygon. The polygonZ format does not allow multiple Z-values for the same x, y position. (Manual Approach: Conversion to polygonZ format can be done using a menu item provided with the 3D Analyst Toolbar).

Assumption: Heights used for the conversion will come as an attribute in the shape file converted from source AutoCAD files, or in-case of missing a constant value will be assumed.

b) Edit polygonZ Shape file: polygonZ files must be edited to define the varying heights of the roof.

Need some idea on 3D Building Generator Toolbar in which a menu item titled Add Roofs to PolygonZ Files is available to define the varying heights of the roof. Whether this has been customized or it can be available with ArcGIS suite.

c) Extrude PolygonZ to Multipatch: After the polygonZ files have been edited to define the rooftops they are ready to be extruded to create true 3D objects in multipatch format.

Could anyone please let me know whether the whole process mentioned above can be fully automated or partially/semi automated using ESRI ArcObjects and also if anyone has any sample tool or source code for the same please share with me, if possible.

Thanks in advance!!

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