Set mapView spatial reference before adding layer? Related to offline map.

Discussion created by ebrightc on Sep 1, 2011
Latest reply on Sep 4, 2011 by njarecha-esristaff
I know you can't set the spatial reference directly for the mapView, but is there something out there that let's me instantiate a mapView with a certain spatial reference and extents with loading a layer first?
I am trying to develop an app that can function entirely offline if need be, but so far the only way i can get that to work is by using the cached map way, as illustrated in the CustomTileOverlay sample app. Unfortunately, I don't intend to load my basemaps this way, so i would have to just have dummy tile in order to get the map view to load properly.
I have tried loading layers using the decodeFromJSON method and a local file, but it doesn't seem to work unless i also have a local cache as well.