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Discussion created by afmaps on Sep 1, 2011
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Hi to all!

I am currently building an add-in for ArcGIS desktop. The add is a dockable window with tool functions. Part of the interface has a sections similar to the TOC in which groups of specific layers (included with the add-in) may be turned on and off. This event would need to turn off/on the layers simultaneously so that when the group is turned off in the dockable window, so it is in the TOC and vice verse.

I have it working as in dockable window syncing to TOC, but how do i listen for events from the TOC to update the dockable window.

I have been racking my brain for several days now, and not getting anywhere. I have found the snippet for editor events, and the visual studio project for new/open documents and have looked at the help support on event listening.....but am still very confused.

Essentially my questions are: where do i put the code for event listening i.e. top of my dockable window code? and how do i reference the TOC so i get events back? and will it slow the program down a lot to do this.

Would be so grateful is someone could give me an inclination or code for what to do...

Thank You so much