A few questions/issues (mostly around FeatureLayer)

Discussion created by rcoodey on Aug 31, 2011
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A few questions and issues:

1) Issue: After selecting (in code via graphic.Select()) several points (symbol is red circle with black outline) the features on the screen are selected (with the light blue fill).  But any features off the screen when panned to have a hollow fill.  Also a feature that was selected fine at first, when panned off the screen and back on, will then be hollow as well.  Any ideas?

2) What is the best way on mouse over of a feature (in a FeatureLayer) to slightly enlarge the symbol size (selected or not)?  Just to show the user it has the mouse over focus... I don't want to change the symbol provided by the service though by overriding the whole Symbol Control Template.

3) Is there a way to set the selected graphics to have a higher Z order, to be on top of other non-selected features?
*Update* Currently I control this by using SetZIndex() in custom select/unselect methods to make the Z index either 1 or 0 respectively, but this doesn't work if these methods are not used. Since SelectedGraphics doesn't have a CollectionChanged event, not sure if there is a better way?

4) Issue: This is a temperamental issue that is true with all Layer types; We have a loading bar on the screen until Map.Layers.LayersInitialized is called, then the loading bar is closed in the event handler.  Well, sometimes this event is never fired, but neither is layer.InitializationFailed (which is set on each layer in Map.Layers)... so the loading bar never closes.  Is there a bug here?  Is there a better way to implement this?

Thanks a lot for any help!