Need help with script flow control

Discussion created by mfrancis_CoServ on Aug 31, 2011
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Hey All,

I am running a script that will analyze feature classes, feature datasets, and tables in a workspace.  If I encounter a workspace that has no feature datasets (for example) the logic moves into the except statement and doesn't execute analyze on tables.  Instead of failling, I would like to see a warning in the output, but continue stepping through the try: block.  Any help is greatly appreciated!

# Analyze
    env.workspace = dbconnection
    fclist = arcpy.ListFeatureClasses() #  <-- executes as expected
    for fc in fclist:
        output.write("  " + fc + " has been analyzed\n")        

    fdlist = arcpy.ListFeatureDatasets() #   <-- FAIL!!!
    for fd in fdlist:
        output.write("  " + fd + " has been analyzed\n")

    tablist = arcpy.ListTables()  #  <-- Doesn't execute
    for tab in tablist:
        output.write("  " + tab + " has been analyzed\n")
    output.write("  arcpy.analyze finished successfully\n")
    output.write("!!arcpy.analyze didn't work right\n")
    err_list = str(sys.exc_info())
    for err in err_list.split('\\n'):
        output.write("  " + err + "\n")