Matrix of least-cost path values

Discussion created by tporteus on Aug 18, 2011
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Forgive me if this is a trivial post, but I haven???t been able to find the answer anywhere yet.  I am working on animal movement and am attempting to run a least-cost path analysis across a uniform landscape that has a number of barriers to movement (lakes).  My aim is to determine the minimum distance between c.100 point locations across the landscape.  I want to create a matrix of distances, with each element (i,j) representing the minimum distance between location i and location j.

For any given ???start??? location, I have used the ???Cost Path??? tool in Spatial Analyst to construct least-cost paths between this and all of the other possible ???finish??? locations (essentially this is one row of my matrix).  However being a relative novice at this, though I am able to view the calculated least-cost paths I can???t figure out how to output the actual length value of each path.  Does anyone have the answer?  I???ve assigned each raster cell a cost-value of 1.0 (barriers are NoData) so the path length should be comparable to distance ??? at least this is how I understand it, am I correct?

I am hoping it is a fairly simple geoprocessing task to be able to do all of these calculations at once rather than row-by-row ??? I would be grateful for any tips on getting started with that.  I am running ArcGIS v.9.3.1, but have the option to upgrade to v.10 if necessary.

Thanks very much for any help in advance,