desktop customisation - esriregasm - missing cmds and tools

Discussion created by t_joseph833 on Aug 13, 2011
Hi there, I was developing on one machine (it works there) and then moved codes to another (which had an older version of the DLL but same GUIDs) ... when I compile / debug ArcMap only shows the toolbar. When I click on the toolbar it disappears.

Am running VS 2008, .NET 3.5 and ArcGIS Desktop 10.0. ESRIRegasm runs ok (even with /e param) ... I also tried building installer / run setup. Somehow the commands / tools are not lnked with the DLL (only toolbars appear). I remember having this issue before (pre 9.3) ... and had to cleanup the registry. I checked the ecfg file too ... nothing unusual (it works on one machine).

1. how to fix this??
2. how to clean registry??
3. why its happening??

Any help or ideas greatly appreciated. Thanks.