Python Field Calculate issue

Discussion created by brumm1dj on Aug 12, 2011
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I am trying to use python inside of ArcMap to perform a field calculation. I am attempting to replace one word with another in my hyperlink field. My issue is that when I run the field calculator it replaces the words correctly, but it also changes the '\0' into little squares or question marks. I have tried using code blocks and writing the syntax differently but I keep getting the same result.

                       \\\\\\this is some example data\\\\\\\
\\gis1\GIS\Projects\Water\MidlandGTG\MidlandCity\Valves\Sec. 07\07-019.pdf
\\gis1\GIS\Projects\Water\MidlandGTG\MidlandCity\Valves\Sec. 07\07-020.pdf
\\gis1\GIS\Projects\Water\MidlandGTG\MidlandCity\Valves\Sec. 07\07-021.pdf
\\gis1\GIS\Projects\Water\MidlandGTG\MidlandCity\Valves\Sec. 07\07-022.pdf
\\gis1\GIS\Projects\Water\MidlandGTG\MidlandCity\Valves\Sec. 07\07707-002.pdf

!HYPERLINK!.replace("Projects","Data") //////this is the code I used//////